Neck Back and spinal cord injuries

Advocating For Compensation After An Injury

Injuries to the neck, back and spinal cord may have a serious and life-altering impact on those who suffer them. If you suffer one of these injuries in an on-the-job accident, workers’ compensation benefits can help you afford proper medical treatment and help pay for your lost wages while you are unable to work.

At Galanti, Patti, & Winterscheidt, P.C., we will use our decades of experience to advocate on your behalf. We can help you understand the claims process and your rights.

We Have The Experience To Help You

Neck, back and spinal cord injuries may result from a wide range of serious accidents on the job. Recovery for these injuries often require physical therapy and extended rehabilitation. We have assisted individuals that have suffered many types of neck and back injuries. Some of these injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Bulging disk injury
  • Disk herniation
  • Disk degeneration
  • Disk protrusion
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Paralysis

In some cases, these injuries are bad enough and have such long-term impact that they may qualify for permanent and total disability benefits. Our lawyers will analyze your situation and help you understand what benefits you may be entitled to under the law.

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