Why hire a workers’ compensation attorney?

Why hire a workers’ compensation attorney?

Illinois laws require most employers to provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees injured on site. After you are injured on the job, however, it can be difficult to receive these benefits if you do not have experience with the workers’ compensation process.

Working with a qualified professional can help you handle the variety of tasks you’ll face when applying for benefits or appealing an unfavorable decision. Workers’ compensation attorneys understand this intricate process and can assist you with a range of matters beyond filing paperwork.

5 advantages of hiring a workers’ compensation attorney

  1. A workers’ compensation attorney will take the time to listen to the circumstances surrounding your accident and the injuries caused by the accident. You can rely on this professional to give you an honest assessment of your claim so that you know what you are entitled to receive.
  2. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you design a strong claim. These lawyers know which type of information is necessary to include when you are submitting your claim. They will assist you in identifying the medical reports and accident evidence you need to collect and can help you obtain it.
  3. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you prepare for hearings, depositions and other legal proceedings related to this process. You can rest assured that you will be ready to present your claim and your side of the story.
  4. A workers’ compensation attorney can communicate on your behalf with your supervisor, employer or medical provider. If you are not receiving the paperwork or information from these parties in a timely fashion, your lawyer can use the law to obtain the documents you need.
  5. A workers’ compensation attorney can negotiate on your behalf when discussing your claim with your employer’s attorney or your employer’s insurer. A knowledgeable attorney is ready to negotiate or to pursue other legal options to get you the results that you deserve.

After an accident, improving your health should be your main priority.  You don’t need to face this issue alone. Getting support from a trustworthy attorney can help to minimize the stress this legal matter can cause and improve your chances of receiving full and fair benefits.