What Conditions Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

What Conditions Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a government program that provides financial assistance to workers who are injured on the job or suffer from a work-related illness. Workers’ comp can cover medical costs and lost wages, and provide disability benefits. If you have been injured or developed an illness as a result of working conditions, contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits you are entitled to.

Work-Related Injuries And Illnesses

It is important to emphasize that workers’ comp only covers severe injuries and illnesses that are work-related and are not the worker’s fault. For example, an intoxicated worker who makes a mistake and gets injured is not entitled to workers’ comp. A worker who is injured in a traffic accident while commuting to work is also not entitled to workers’ comp since they were not working while commuting, but a worker who is injured while driving from the main office to a work site may be entitled to workers’ comp since they were working during that drive.

Acute And Chronic Injuries

Sudden, traumatic injuries that occur while on the job are covered by workers’ comp. However, chronic injuries, such as those related to repetitive motions required to perform the job, are also covered by workers’ comp. It may be slightly harder to prove such injuries are entirely work-related, but in general, if a doctor attests that the worker’s injuries are due to workplace-related repetitive motions, the workers’ comp claim will likely be accepted.

Illnesses Caused By Occupational Exposure

Conditions caused by exposure to noxious chemicals and other substances used in the workplace are also covered by workers’ comp. For example, workers exposed to asbestos on the job who develop mesothelioma and workers exposed to diesel exhaust on the job who develop lung cancer are entitled to compensation through workers’ comp. Before receiving compensation, it will be necessary for the worker to prove exposure on the job and for doctors to attest that this exposure is the most probable cause of the illness.

Contact An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

A workers’ compensation attorney can help you file your workers’ comp claim and lessen the financial burden of your injury or illness. If you have been injured or fallen ill due to unsafe working conditions, contact an Illinois workers’ comp lawyer today.