Trenches require routine inspections to help prevent accidents

Trenches require routine inspections to help prevent accidents

Illinois construction workers earn their paycheck by putting in long hours doing very strenuous labor. In order to work on a construction site safely, workers must be both strong and skilled. The companies that employ construction workers are legally bound to make sure that measures are taken to help ensure on-site safety. This means that safety checks must be routinely conducted and any issues discovered that might unnecessarily endanger workers must be promptly corrected.

Construction workers may be required to fulfill any number of functions. Sometimes they must work while elevated above the ground. And at other times, they may have to go underground and work in trenches.

Trenching can present a variety of dangers. The threat of a cave-in is a primary concern when working in a trench. As such, standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration require daily trench inspections that are to be conducted by a competent person. A competent person is defined as being someone who possesses the knowledge necessary to recognize current or predictable hazards. Inspections are also required whenever conditions of a trench change.

Proper inspections are absolutely vital as a trench collapse could occur without a moment’s notice, placing all those working in the area in grave danger. A trench accident could leave a worker with severe injuries, which could require a prolonged period of recovery.

If you have been injured in a trench or other form of workplace accident, it is very important that you file a claim to get compensation. Workers’ compensation can help cover your expenses as you recover.

You are entitled to this compensation, but sometimes employers or insurance companies do not readily give injured employees all they deserve. However, having an Illinois workers’ compensation attorney act on your behalf may help make sure you are compensated fairly.