The Importance of Hearing Protection in The Workplace

The Importance of Hearing Protection in The Workplace

Do you work a job where hearing protection is required? Do you always wear it as it is necessary? If not, you may want to start before you do irreversible damage to your hearing. Here is why:

Loud Noises Can Cause Hearing Damage

You do not have to experience prolonged exposure to loud noises to damage your hearing. However, a one-time exposure to noise with extremely high decibels is enough to cause irreversible damage to your hearing. For example, a singular exposure to a gunshot or explosion is enough to cause a lifetime of damaged hearing.

How Loud Is Too Loud?

The standard noise level considered hazardous for workers is 85 decibels over eight hours. If you need to raise your voice to speak with someone 3 feet or less away from you, the noise surrounding you is louder than 85 decibels. Higher noise levels, such as 100 dBA, can cause permanent damage in as little as 15 minutes. Some tools and machinery can reach up to 135 dBA or higher.

Protection for Workers

People who work in loud environments must be careful to protect their hearing. NIOSH recommends controlling worker’s exposure to loud noise by:

  • Elimination- removal of the noise hazard
  • Substitution- replacement of the noise hazard
  • Engineering controls- isolation of the noise hazard or workers
  • Administrative controls- changing the way the workers perform the job
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)- the use of protective gear by workers

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