Stay safe in cold weather and avoid lost time

Stay safe in cold weather and avoid lost time

In Illinois, working in colder weather can be a real hassle. Even worse, injuries are much more common as temperatures drop. It is essential to prepare for poor weather and slippery conditions, no matter if you work in an office or at a construction zone. 

Maintaining a safe environment is essential for keeping employees and staff safe during winter months. When the thermometer dips below freezing, it is time to take a good look at avoiding injuries at work. 

Shifting seasons poses real risk 

A minor slip up can be a big problem while on the job. When employees sustain injuries during regular tasks, businesses need to take notice. Studies show that fall-related incidents rise significantly in colder months, especially when they occur after a storm. Even events that occur on level ground can cause a good deal of injury because people fall in different ways. 

There are steps that employees can take to reduce their chances of slipping on ice. Appropriate footwear is always warranted, especially for those who walk to work. It may mean carrying an extra pair of shoes, but it is an appropriate trade-off to avoid trips to the emergency room. 

A business’s responsibility 

It is not just an employee’s job to stay safe when the weather gets ugly. There are hazards at any workplace that management and building supervisors should keep an eye on. If you see black ice or pooling water on walkways, these are potential danger zones that maintenance should be made aware of. Suggesting work-from-home hours is another way that employees and management can work together to allow their business to run as usual even during the worst storms. 

Preparing for cold weather means watching out for seasonal hazards. Staying happy at work instead of miserable in the hospital keeps company morale up and Illinois workers’ compensation and injury claims down. The landscape of worker safety shifts seasonally, so get ready when winter comes calling.