Restaurant workers face many potential burn hazards

Restaurant workers face many potential burn hazards

Anyone who has worked in a restaurant is aware that the job comprises two separate worlds. In one world, there are the customers sitting at their tables in an environment that emphasizes comfort and serenity. But in the kitchen, where cooks, servers, dishwashers and other workers must carry out their tasks quickly and efficiently, the atmosphere is very different. And during the busiest times, working conditions can become very hectic.

But even though they are under pressure to get the right orders to the customers in a timely fashion, restaurant workers must be aware of the many potential hazards found in the kitchen.

For example, restaurant kitchens typically have many exposed surfaces, such as grills and stove burners, used for cooking food. It can be all too easy to get burned by accidentally putting a hand on one of these areas. And the pots and pans can become extremely hot, creating yet another potential hazard.

In order to prevent such injuries from occurring, restaurant owners and managers should make sure that their workers know how to use kitchen equipment and utensils correctly. Employees also need the proper equipment, such as gloves, mitts or hot pads to protect against burns.

No one is immune to the physical harm that can be caused by a severe burn. Burns can be painful, leave scars and take a long time to heal. A burn victim may also be forced to miss time from work while recovering.

If you have been burned while working in a restaurant kitchen, your injuries will likely be covered by workers’ compensation. If you are unsure of your rights regarding compensation or are having problems getting the compensation you believe you deserve, you may wish to contact a workers’ compensation attorney. The attorney can look into the matter and work to help you resolve the issue.