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After suffering a workplace injury, you should immediately obtain proper medical treatment and care. Unfortunately, finding treatment is not always easy or affordable. Medical care for people without insurance is a necessity.At Galanti, Patti, & Winterscheidt, P.C., our attorneys may be able to provide helpful resources. We have worked with many doctors and medical professionals throughout our many years of legal service in the area of workers’ compensation and disability. Because of those relationships, we often are able to provide clients who do not have medical insurance with resources for medical care and treatment while the workers’ compensation process is underway.

Medical Care Resources For Workers Without Insurance

Insurance companies are supposed to help people who are injured and need compensation for those injuries, but in some cases, those companies will do what they can to limit that treatment. These companies, who have their own bottom lines to meet, may try to end treatment before proper care has been given or to provide a lower amount of benefits than is required for the necessary medical care. Our lawyers will look out for your rights and will help you protect yourself from workers’ compensation insurance companies. You need benefits to help you recover and return to work, which is in everyone’s best interests.

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