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As an employee, you try your best to be safe. You follow procedures and wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Your workplace and colleagues take precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen at work. When you are injured on the job, your future is at stake. This is why your employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, and why we have dedicated our practice to helping workers.

The work accident attorneys at Galanti, Patti, & Winterscheidt, P.C., have the knowledge and skills to assist you. We can help you file claims and will advocate on your behalf to appeal a denied claim.

We Understand Accidents And Risks

With years of experience, our lawyers have handled thousands of workers’ compensation claims for employees throughout southern Illinois and the Metro East. Our firm focuses 100 percent on workers’ compensation. This means that we have dealt with many types of injuries and the accidents that caused them. We have handled cases involving an array of accidents, including:
  • Construction, trade and industrial incidents: Whether you are working in a manufacturing plant or on a construction site, injuries can happen. Complacency, unsafe machinery, slippery surfaces and other dangers increase safety risks. Workers’ comp claims are designed to aid workers injured in under these circumstances.
  • Ladder and scaffolding slip-and-falls: If you work in construction, as a window washer or in maintenance, you probably use ladders and scaffolding to reach high places. Falling such a distance can result in major injuries. Workers injured in falls should seek benefits.
  • Accidents with machines and tools: Industrial workers, auto shop employees and individuals in the agricultural field rely on machinery to get their jobs done. When you work with saws, animated equipment and motorized machines, you are at a greater risk of being in an accident. The compensation for injured workers varies based on the incident.
  • Car and truck crashes: If you use a vehicle for work – either daily or once in a while – you could find yourself in an accident on the road. If you are injured in a crash while working, you can seek benefits.
  • Faulty equipment: You rely on equipment to do your job. When the equipment malfunctions or is defective, the risk of an accident increases. If the incident results in an injury, workers’ comp can aid your recovery.
  • Falling object incidents: When working in a manufacturing facility or on a construction site, debris, tools and objects sometimes fall from great heights. Being hit by a falling object often causes severe injuries that justify a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Toxic fume exposure: If you work in mining, in medical research or with chemicals, the risk of exposure to toxic fumes is real. Injuries resulting from contact often have long-term effects. Extended care can be covered through compensation benefits.
  • Deadly accidents: Any on-the-job accident can quickly turn fatal. In the event of death, surviving family members have the right to seek a claim.
Regardless of what type of accident caused your injury, we can help you get the benefits you need. Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, you can receive benefits. Workers’ compensation is not a government program paid out using taxpayer dollars. It also doesn’t negatively impact your employer. Don’t hesitate to make a claim.

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