Pre-Existing Conditions

Understanding Pre-Existing Conditions And Workers’ Comp

Did you aggravate a pre-existing condition in an accident while on the job? If so, that injury is considered a new one. A pre-existing condition is defined as any injury that occurred in the past or that develops over time, such as arthritis. A large portion of our national workforce works with pre-existing conditions. Many times, the condition, previous injury or disease goes unnoticed until another work injury occurs. If this describes your situation, our workplace injury lawyers can help. At Galanti, Patti, & Winterscheidt, P.C. in East Alton, we protect the rights of injured workers — especially those with pre-existing conditions.

We Will Investigate And Coordinate

If you are suffering from an on-the-job injury but aren’t sure if it qualifies for workers’ compensation, we can help. When you work with us, we will advocate on your behalf. After our free initial consultation, our attorneys will:

  • Help you to determine if you sustained an aggravation of a pre-existing condition
  • Coordinate efforts with your doctor to share your complete medical history
  • Ensure we properly document problems you are experiencing since your work injury
  • Guide you through the claims process

Our lawyers have seen — and successfully represented to Illinois employers’ insurers — virtually every injury there is during our years of practice. Starting today, we can use this extensive background, legal knowledge and client commitment to your benefit.

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