Pipe-fitter claims unfair dismissal

Pipe-fitter claims unfair dismissal

Feeling safe in your place of work is important and it is something that most employees in Illinois might expect to be a standard expectation. However, it is a sad fact that many workers are subjected to dangerous conditions on a daily basis. Worse still, some fear retaliation if they report a problem. Others simply have their complaints ignored. Whatever the case, such situations are unacceptable and you should not feel discouraged from standing up for your right to a safe working environment.

In Illinois, the Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit against a manufacturer of farm machinery following allegations of the unfair dismissal of a pipe-fitter. According to the suit, the former employee was fired after filing complaints regarding the safety standards at the facility in Moline. These reports, which were filed with OSHA, led to citations for safety violations.

It is believed that the worker’s dismissal was retaliatory and as such, the DoL seeks damages, back-payment of wages and the reinstatement of the employee. A regional administrator for OSHA has commented that workers should be commended for showing commitment to safety in their place of employment, not punished.

If you have any concerns about the safety standards in your place of work, or you have experienced unfair treatment for expressing such worries to your employer or supervisors, you may be wondering what to do next. Similarly, if an unsafe working environment has caused you to be injured or develop an illness, you deserve your case to be heard.

Fortunately, there is help available and an attorney may be able to assist you with your situation. With the right guidance, you can work toward creating a safer working environment, while pursuing the fair treatment and remuneration you deserve.

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