Hardworking Illinoisans often face workplace hazards

Hardworking Illinoisans often face workplace hazards

It is a simple fact that some of the hardest working Illinoisans are also the citizens most likely to suffer serious injuries while on the job. For example, the men and women who get up early to work long days on construction sites climb to great heights on scaffolding or ladders. Construction workers may also have to do some very heavy lifting and operate potentially dangerous machinery.

Then there are those who work in warehouse environments, who are constantly bending, stooping and moving heavy boxes. Restaurant workers who prepare meals are often in close proximity to hot objects and even open flames.

This is just a small sample of the workers who face daily hazards that have the potential to cause injuries. In addition to facing dangers on the job, these workers may not be able to afford to lose income due to an injury. Fortunately, if an employee is injured while at work, he or she is typically eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation can help ensure that an injured employee receives proper medical care. In addition, should an employee be unable to work, or work at full capacity, workers’ compensation insurance can be used to help defray the expenses that can mount up when the usual paycheck is not coming into a household.

In order to take full advantage of workers’ compensation, it is best for injured employees to file their claims as soon as possible after suffering their injuries. Further, it is very important to account for all of the expenses that are related to the injury, such as time off from work and medical costs.

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