Hard hats are indispensable for promoting workplace safety

Hard hats are indispensable for promoting workplace safety

Construction work is a demanding occupation. All construction-related jobs have their share of challenges and potential hazards. Often, workers must dedicate their focus to whatever task they are addressing. Yet at the same time, workers must also remain aware of their surroundings. The fact is, dangers abound on a construction site, including from above.

A worker could be seriously injured if struck on the head by a falling tool or piece of debris. For this reason, workers are typically required to wear hard hats. Specifically, hard hats should be worn in areas where a potential for head injuries exists, including the following:

  • Construction, barricaded or posted destruction areas.
  • In areas where objects that may fall and cause injury are stored on platforms, shelves and the like.
  • Areas where workers may be exposed to energized conductors above their heads.
  • Areas where there are activities that may result in a person dropping or losing equipment, tools, material, or other objects.

In order to maintain workplace safety, construction companies and their supervisors should be vigilant in making sure that workers are aware of the locations of all hard hat areas. A blow to the head could do more than just cause a headache; if severe enough, a worker could suffer a concussion or even a more serious traumatic brain injury.

If you should suffer a head injury while on a construction job, you may require expensive medical treatment. Workers’ compensation is intended to help workers get the funds they need, not only for medical costs but to cover time lost from work as well. An attorney may be able to help you maximize your compensation benefits by assessing your case and advising you on how to best file a claim.