Do’s and Don’ts of Ladder Safety

Do’s and Don’ts of Ladder Safety

Chances are that if you work in construction, you see ladders daily in the workplace. But do you know how dangerous they can be? In 2020 alone, there were 161 fatal injuries on ladders! To stay safe at work when using a ladder, listen to these tips:


  • Read and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and labels on the stepladder.
  • Look for overhead power lines before handling or climbing a ladder.
  • Maintain a 3-point contact (two hands and a foot, or two feet and a hand) when ascending/descending a ladder.
  • Stay near the middle of the ladder and face the ladder while climbing up/down.
  • Use a barricade to keep traffic away from the ladder.
  • Keep ladders free of any slippery materials.
  • Only put ladders on a stable and level surface that is not slippery.


  • Use stepladders for a purpose other than that for which they were designed.
  • Use a stepladder with spreaders unlocked.
  • Use the top step or cap as a step.
  • Place a ladder on boxes, barrels, or other unstable bases.
  • Move or shift a ladder with a person or equipment on the ladder.
  • Use cross bracing on the rear of the stepladders for climbing.
  • Paint a ladder with opaque coatings.
  • Use a damaged ladder.
  • Leave tools/materials/equipment on stepladder.
  • Use a stepladder horizontally like a platform.
  • Use a metal stepladder near power lines or electrical equipment.

Next time you see a ladder, remember these tips. They could save your life. If you experience a ladder injury, please call our team at Galanti, Patti, & Winterscheidt, P.C at 618-258-0420. You deserve compensation for the injuries you have suffered.