Don’t stay silent if you think you have a workplace illness

Don’t stay silent if you think you have a workplace illness

Good workers have an ethic that pushes them to do their very best at every task they are assigned, even those tasks that are especially arduous. Good workers don’t call in sick unless absolutely necessary. Good workers are willing to come in early and stay late if that’s what it takes to get the job done.

If you are a good worker, then you know this willingness to spend long hours in the workplace can take its toll. This is especially true if your work environment is in some way tainted with dangerous carcinogens, such as the ones found in asbestos.

Sometimes it is hard to tell if the air you are breathing is causing you harm. It can take years for the effects of some poisons to become readily apparent. Sadly, all too often, those who have developed cancer or some other serious condition do not find out until they have suffered tremendous physical damage.

The problem is that often hard-working men and women prefer not to complain if they are not feeling their best. This means if they experience the symptoms of a serious condition, they may opt to remain silent and not seek the treatment they need. So the same quality of stoicism that makes them such good and selfless employees also makes them less likely to seek the medical attention in a timely manner.

If you suspect that your years on the job have left you with a serious occupational illness, then you may wish to speak with an attorney regarding the benefits you might be owed. If your condition has reached a serious enough level, you may be eligible for disability benefits or compensation for medical expenses. At Galanti, Patti, & Winterscheidt, P.C., we have experience working with clients who have suffered from workplace illnesses. Please look over our website to learn about our services.