Don’t be afraid to seek help for an on-the-job injury

Don’t be afraid to seek help for an on-the-job injury

Perhaps you are one of the many Illinois workers who carry the weight of numerous responsibilities. You may frequently work long hours to meet the demands of your job. The motivating factor for all this hard work is to earn money to cover your family’s needs. It seems impossible to miss even a single day of work because if you do, you will lose the money that you need for your many expenses.

Having a strong work ethic and wanting to do right for one’s family is admirable, but sometimes it is important to consider your own personal health and well-being. For example, let’s say you suffer an injury on the job. You may consider not reporting it to your employer for fear of having to miss work to see a doctor. You might even be afraid that you will be forced to stay home as your injury heals.

However, not reporting your injury and seeking medical care can have many negative consequences. First, if you do not give yourself the opportunity to get better, you may have to work while enduring serious pain. Doing this could not only affect your work performance, but it may make you more vulnerable to suffering yet another injury.

Some injuries, if left untreated, could get much worse. For instance, a cut or burn could easily become infected. The fact is, by foregoing proper care, you risk harming yourself to such a degree that it could impact your ability to keep your job. Therefore, if you are injured on the job, it is best to get medical attention, which is typically covered by workers’ compensation.

The attorneys at the Galanti & Patti understand the struggles that workers and their families may face when a household breadwinner is hurt at work. We have experience providing legal assistance to workers who need the full measure of their entitled workers’ compensation benefits so they can keep their lives on track while recovering. You can find out more about our services and how to contact us on the pages of this website.