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Do’s and Don’ts of Ladder Safety

Chances are that if you work in construction, you see ladders daily in the workplace. But do you know how dangerous they can be? In

Good technique not enough for nurses to avoid back injuries

What’s not to love about nurses? Their days are filled with hard work, empathy, and caregiving. Nurses are invaluable aids to a hospital’s doctors and provide comfort to vulnerable patients. But the long days and nights of helping others can take a toll. And there is no shortage of ways in

Restaurant workers face many potential burn hazards

Anyone who has worked in a restaurant is aware that the job comprises two separate worlds. In one world, there are the customers sitting at their tables in an environment that emphasizes comfort and serenity. But in the kitchen, where cooks, servers, dishwashers and other workers

Good housekeeping practices can help prevent workplace injuries

Of course, it is always important to obey all job site safety rules, and when appropriate, wear the required safety gear and protective clothing. However, none of those things can help you if your work environment is unnecessarily hazardous. As such, practicing good housekeeping is one of

How might workers be exposed to lead?

Of late, there has been a renewed interest in the devastating effects of lead poisoning. The tragedy that has unfolded in Flint, Michigan, where the water supply was tainted with toxic levels of lead, has served as a grim reminder of the harm that can result from exposure to the

How can same-level slip and falls be prevented?

In work environments with floors that may lack traction, workers must be extremely careful to avoid suffering slip and fall injuries. Both workers and their employer share the responsibility of taking measures to reduce the likelihood of such accidents occurring

How can dust cause a workplace explosion?

When considering what kinds of materials could cause a serious explosion, most people likely think of such things as volatile chemicals and gases. Fortunately, areas that store chemicals and gases typically have signs warning workers of the potential safety hazards. Moreover, these

Hard hats are indispensable for promoting workplace safety

Construction work is a demanding occupation. All construction-related jobs have their share of challenges and potential hazards. Often, workers must dedicate their focus to whatever task they are addressing. Yet at the same time, workers must also remain aware of their surroundings. The

Keeping your hands safe from workplace accidents

Most of us use our hands to perform the majority of our work-related tasks. Yet, we likely don’t give our hands that much thought on a typical day. However, a serious hand injury could leave us unable to perform our daily functions both at home and at work.