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What to know about suffering a neck injury at work

When you think about what injury risks you may face at your job, you likely recognize the possibility of suffering a back injury, a shoulder injury or even carpal tunnel syndrome. But another common injury that employees sometimes suffer at work is a neck injury. They may find

Common injuries sustained by manufacturing workers

Day in and day out, you perform your job to the best of your abilities at the plant. In your manufacturing-related job, you take great care in the precision work to ensure that your employer swiftly gets its products to consumers.

Holistic approach recommended for upper-limb amputation rehab

Losing an upper-limb in an on-the-job accident can be one of the most traumatic events imaginable. In fact, if you have suffered such an injury, your life has been profoundly altered. However, thanks to advances in prosthetic sciences and the rehabilitative therapy that is now

How can I tell if machine safeguards are properly configured?

If your job involves operating heavy machinery such as a drill press, table saw, band saw or lathe, you are likely aware that you need to take great care to avoid injuries. These machines employ the use of blades, bits and other hard, sharp items that could sever fingers and hands in

Psychological treatment often part of amputation recovery process

The loss of a limb in a work-related accident will have a profound effect on a victim’s life. First, there is the obvious fact that recovery time for such a devastating injury can be long and arduous. And unlike, say, a broken bone, amputated body parts do not heal. And while severed limbs,

Good technique not enough for nurses to avoid back injuries

What’s not to love about nurses? Their days are filled with hard work, empathy, and caregiving. Nurses are invaluable aids to a hospital’s doctors and provide comfort to vulnerable patients. But the long days and nights of helping others can take a toll. And there is no shortage of ways in

Scanners can cause injuries to cashiers

It’s called the law of unintended consequences. It happens when a plan or process is enacted that is meant to produce a specific outcome, but

What are some common causes of knee injuries?

If your job entails constant movement, you can put a great deal of stress on your knees. We use our knees when we walk, kneel, crawl and lift. And some jobs, such as installing flooring and carpeting, involve putting much of the body’s weight on the knees for many hours a day.

Restaurant workers face many potential burn hazards

Anyone who has worked in a restaurant is aware that the job comprises two separate worlds. In one world, there are the customers sitting at their tables in an environment that emphasizes comfort and serenity. But in the kitchen, where cooks, servers, dishwashers and other workers

Workers’ compensation not just for injuries suffered on the job

Workers’ compensation provides employees with the funds they need to cover expenses created by injuries suffered while on the job. So perhaps you believe these benefits will only be provided if you are injured while directly engaging in the tasks of your job. Actually, workers’ compensation benefits