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An occupational illness could cost you in many ways

For most people, it is the natural state of being to want to work. We are typically at our happiest when we are productive. Being able to work is likely a vital part of your life. It is quite possible that your personal goals and identity are tied closely to your job.

Workers deserve compensation if work conditions cause illness

What sort of traits are common among good workers? Well, certainly good workers are skilled at whatever tasks are required for their jobs. Good workers also put forth their best efforts every day. Moreover, good workers are dedicated and will do whatever it takes to get the job done,

What workplace substances can cause respiratory ailments?

Have you recently experienced a scratchy throat or upper respiratory irritation? Such symptoms are often associated with colds or other minor conditions. However, if these issues continue to exist over a prolonged period, you may be suffering from something more serious, and it could

How might workers be exposed to lead?

Of late, there has been a renewed interest in the devastating effects of lead poisoning. The tragedy that has unfolded in Flint, Michigan, where the water supply was tainted with toxic levels of lead, has served as a grim reminder of the harm that can result from exposure to the

Don’t stay silent if you think you have a workplace illness

Good workers have an ethic that pushes them to do their very best at every task they are assigned, even those tasks that are especially arduous. Good workers don’t call in sick unless absolutely necessary. Good workers are willing to come in early and stay late if that’s what it

Court issues ruling affecting occupational disease lawsuits

Workers’ compensation is intended to help pay for medical and other expenses that result when an employee is either injured on the job or develops an illness or condition that is linked to the job. It is very important that workers’ compensation claims be filed in a timely manner because