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Factors that determine workers’ comp for back injuries

Back injuries on the job can affect you for the rest of your life. Your workers’ compensation needs to pay you enough to maintain your quality of life. However, it is not easy to give a standard answer on what your employer’s insurance will pay. This is because back injuries vary

How to protect your back at work

Occupations that involve manual labor, such as construction, nursing or factory work can be particularly hard on the back. However, office workers can also experience work-related back pain. All workers need to understand the causes of work-related back pain and take steps to avoid

Many construction site injuries, fatalities involve scaffolds

Many modern construction workers use scaffolds or temporary erected platforms that allow them to work at higher elevations, on a regular basis. However, these large, heavy platforms bring with them certain risks. Many of today’s construction workers suffer serious injuries or fatalities

A car crash, your back injury and the “going and coming” rule

If you suffer a work-related back injury, you more than likely qualify for workers’ compensation. However, if your injury occurs during the commute to or from your place of employment, will the “going and coming” rule affect your claim for benefits?


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