Associations make recommendations to promote workplace safety

Associations make recommendations to promote workplace safety

Most jobs require some measure of experience to do well. But for some jobs, such as those that comprise construction work, the experience is often vital. It is all too easy for an inexperienced construction worker to make a mistake that leads to a serious accident. The fact is, if not properly trained, inexperienced construction workers can be a danger to themselves and others.

Recently, two general contractors associations jointly put out the word that they would like to see construction companies across the U.S. take the recommended steps to help improve workplace safety.  An association representative says that the industry should take stronger measures to lessen the likelihood of workplace accidents because there has been an influx of workers who lack on-the-job experience.

There are 13 steps being recommended, some of which involve companies providing workers with more training. For example, it is recommended that workers receive training in response to any safety incidents that take place on a work site.  Additionally, workers on a project should take part in an orientation session and be issued badges that indicate their safety training level. It was also suggested that workers should carry “Stop Work” cards. When a worker spots a safety issue on a project, he or she can use the card to have activities halted until the issue can be corrected.

It is in everyone’s best interests for a construction company to make sure that its workers are well trained and ready to take on the challenges of the projects they work on. But if something unfortunate happens and a worker is injured while on the job, that worker is likely eligible to receive workers’ compensation.

If you are ever injured while at work, you may be unsure of how to proceed when pursuing appropriate compensation. Fortunately, you can find advice and guidance by contacting a workers’ compensation attorney. An attorney can help you work toward getting the money you need for your recovery.

Source: Facilities Safety Management, “Commercial Construction Firms Urged to Further Improve Workplace Safety,” Oct. 26, 2015