A back injury can impact both your work and personal life

A back injury can impact both your work and personal life

Suffering any injury while on the job can be a setback. You may have to take time off to receive medical attention and to recover. This absence from work can create problems for both you and your employer. And not all injuries are created equal. For example, a sprain, a cut or even a broken bone will likely heal with time, and you will eventually be as good as new. Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said for spinal injuries.

There are several reasons that a severe spinal injury can be so devastating. One primary concern is the extreme pain that these injuries cause. Frequently, back injury patients are prescribed powerful narcotics to offset the pain. These drugs provide relief, but typically leave the patient incapable of doing much but resting.

But of more major concern is the long-term impact of a back injury. An injury to your spine could leave you unable to engage in most of your daily activities. This inability to function, even when treated with drugs, can be so emotionally overwhelming that you could develop issues such as depression.

What’s more, you may be unable to go to work until your symptoms subside or are treated with therapy or surgery. This means you have no money coming in while also having medical and living expenses with which to contend.

Fortunately, if your back injury is work-related, you can likely get financial help in the form of workers’ compensation. Galanti, Patti, & Winterscheidt, P.C. places emphasis on helping injured workers get the money they need to cover both medical expenses and the cost of missing days of work. If you have suffered a back injury through the course of your job duties, we would be interested in discussing how to ensure you receive compensation that is satisfactory to your needs.